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5 Reasons Your WordPress Host is Killing You

Saving a few dollars on your WordPress hosting every month can cost you thousands of dollars in business. I discuss why, and recommend a much better alternative.
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DisclosureLinks in this article may be affiliate links to which I earn revenue upon purchase of a product or serviceAll of my reviews are based upon our own unbiased experience with a product or service.

So your business site is on WordPress – excellent choice! And for good reason: WordPress’s deep history, ease of use, and extensibility options make it a great way to host your presence online.

Unfortunately, while most people make a good choice with WordPress, they make the wrong choice when it comes to hosting it.

There are a ton of WordPress hosting options. And most of them are inappropriate for your business.

In the following article, I explain why. And I talk about why Kinsta is my preferred choice for WordPress hosting.

The Virtual Private Server Trap

Many people get confused when first exploring this subject. And no wonder. There are multiple ways you can host WordPress. But the one most people end up going with is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) option (also called a Shared Hosting Provider).

These are hosts like BlueHost and DreamHost will give you very cheap WordPress hosting – and even a few tools to help install and manage it.

The plus side of managed hosts is that they’re usually dirt cheap – some go as low as $7 a month.

The downside? They’ll put your site on a Web server with a bunch of other sites, which could slow down your site at critical moments.

The Managed Hosting Difference

There’s an alternative to VPS hosts: Managed Hosting. Managed hosts are the “next level” above shared hosting providers. With managed hosts, you don’t really care how your WordPress Web site is hosted. The managed host charges you by users and bandwidth and guarantees that your site will always be available for your users. Managed hosts usually charge different tiers depending on how much traffic you expect your site to do in a month.

The fact is that managed hosting is the best solution for most businesses. You may pay a little more up-front than you would with a shared hosting provider. However, you’re guaranteed unprecedented reliability and scalability. You’ll be able to serve any level of traffic at a moment’s notice.

What To Look For In A Managed Host

In the following, I’ll explain the major benefits of a managed hosting provider. As an example, I’ll use Kinsta, the managed WordPress hosting provider favored by UJ Media Services.

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1. Scalability

The major benefit of a managed host is scalability.

A shared hosting provider is cheap precisely because they starve your WordPress installation of resources. You’re sharing a Web server with a bunch of other sites, so your ability to serve large swatch of traffic is limited.

This may be fine when your site is new. But what happens when a link to your product or service is featured by an Influencer with a million followers? In such cases, you risk consuming all of the resources you’ve been given in a few minutes. This means many users won’t be able to access your site – and that translates into lost sales.

With a managed host like Kinsta, scaling happens automatically. If 10 users came to your site yesterday, but 10,000 suddenly arrive on your site within an hour, Kinsta automatically gives your WordPress Web site more bandwidth and more computing capacity. That means that users will never experience an error message.

2. Speed

For Web sites, speed is critical. Google uses its own PageSpeed metric as a factor in determining whether to send more or less traffic to your site. And it’s a fact that sites that takes more than three seconds to respond to any request see a serious drop-off in customers.

Managed hosts usually sponsor several services that help speed up the delivery of pages served by WordPress. Kinsta, for example, provides caching functionality built on top of WordPress that can boost WordPress sight performance by over 200%. And it also provides a Content Delivery Network (CDN) as part of every plan it offers to speed up delivery of your Web site’s static files – images, style sheets, JavaScript files, etc. – no matter where your users are in the world.

3. Migration

Already on WordPress and considering moving to a host like Kinsta? Most VPS providers would be of no use here – they’ll just drop you off into their confusing management consoles and let you figure it out yourself.

This is another area where Kinsta excels. The company offers unlimited WordPress migrations as part of every hosting plan (yes, even its cheapest!). That makes abandoning your slow host for a better host like Kinsta easier than ever.

4. Ease of Use

No matter what service you’re offering, your Web site needs certain basic functionality. For example, every Web site should be using an encrypted connection (SSL, a.k.a. the HTTPS protocol) in this day and age. But…do you know how to set that up?

Technology is hard, man. And who has time to master it outside of IT professionals? You’ve got a business to run. Wouldn’t it be great if your WordPress host simplified the most difficult aspects of hosting?

Good News: a managed host like Kinsta does. On Kinsta, for example, turning on HTTPS for your Web site is a simple three-step process. You can even generate your SSL certificate for free! Kinsta also provides a lot of other simplified features, such as easy URL redirection, global Search and Replace, and site migration.

5. Staging Site for Experimentation

Let’s say you want to experiment with major changes to your Web site. Perhaps, for example, you want to try out a whole new WordPress template. While that’s a reasonable experiment, it isn’t the type of experiment you want to do on the site your customers are using!

As a software developer, I’m a staunch advocate of the need to have a separate development or staging version of your site that’s unrelated to your live site. A staging site is a completely separate Web site and domain name where you can try out major changes before moving them to your live site.

The staging/live split is another area where Kinsta excels. At any point, Kinsta supports creating a staging environment that is an exact copy of your live environment. You can also start a new Kinsta Web site from a staging environment, make sure it’s perfect, and only push it to your live URL when you’re ready to go public.

Staging environment in Kinsta
Creating a Staging environment in Kinsta requires a single click of a button.

This is a powerful feature, and one I consider indispensable in any modern WordPress hosting service.

Managing Costs

Picture: makaron* / PIXTA(ピクスタ)

That may sound all well and good. But I’m sure many readers are wondering: what does all of this cost?

The bad news is that, yes, you’re going to pay more for a managed host than a shared hosting provider. But the good news is that it’s not as much as you think – especially when you factor in all the benefits.

Kinsta’s Starter Plan supports up to 20,000 users/month, 10GB of storage, and free SSL and CDN. That 20,000 users/month will be enough for most business Web sites for a while. And if you use a service such as Google’s AMP to serve pages in Google search results and on social media, you can stretch that even further. If you do exceed your monthly users, Kinsta won’t shut you down; they’ll simply charge you an affordable pro rata for every 1,000 users over your quota.

You can get this for all of $30/month, or just $300/year. Paying yearly gets you two free months, which means you pay just $25/month.

Getting Started

Ready to get started? If you are and have the confidence to start out on your own, be sure to check out Kinsta today. 

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Need a little extra help? We’re here for you! UJ Media Services specializes in WordPress configuration and maintenance, as well as full-scale content strategy and copywriting. We can manage your site from end to end – without you ever having to click a button. If you’re the kind of person who’d rather stay focused on their business and leave the online marketing to us, contact us today and we’ll get you up and running.

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